Who was Ivano Bonciani

Ivano Bonciani was born in Florence, Italy, the cradle of art and home to the most important jewelry artisans.

When he was 12 years old, Bonciani began working after school. He studied watchmaking, sculpture, painting and jewelry at the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art. He worked in workshops, designing and making jewels in Ponte Vecchio along with the most prominent masters in the manufacture of handmade jewelry, both modern and ancient styles. 

After gaining experience, and refining his jewel making techniques, Bonciani dedicated his time to teaching children with polio disabilities for several years. 

At the age of 20, Bonciani opened his first goldsmith’s workshop in Florence, Italy. He settled in the city for about 14 years and excelled in his field, becoming one of the most prominent goldsmith in the area.

Tempted by curiosity, a desire to grow professionally and his willingness to show his work as goldsmith in other places, Bonciani showed his jewelry on Margarita Island, Venezuela—a small Caribbean island he had visited on vacation. After much success, he made the decision to stay. 

The times were promising; the jewelry work was appreciated and valued, and the tourism industry was booming on the island. The timing was right to show off the delicate jewelry work of this Italian artisan. Bonciani was able to establish his position in the market and was recognized for his own style, and for his effort to please the personal tastes of the locals and tourists. 

Bonciani recognized the tradition and mastership of the island artisans, especially in San Juan where they were the pioneers in the art of jewelry, gemstones and precious metals.

In 1977, Bonciani opened Joyeria Ivan, his first jewelry shop on the island. He later opened a second one in the fashion center of Margarita Island, where Joyeria Ivan truly became a symbol of elegance. His work and perseverance allowed him to open 10 jewelry stores in the most prominent hotels and shopping centers of the island.

Despite the competition, Bonciani was an entrepreneur and very confident of his decisions which served as motivation for healthy commercial and personal growth. He believed that there must be competition so the people could compare and decide that his pieces of jewelry were the best.

At the age of 72, Bonciani’s health began to decline. He returned to his native Florence where he succumbed to his illness. Ivano Bonciani found 40 years of happiness, personal and economic prosperity on Margarita Island where he lived well and achieved his dreams. With his life he honored the name of Margarita Island where Joyeria Ivan still remains. 


Ivano Bonciani

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